Procedure – Video

  1. Cleanse Face – you can opt to give a full face scrub with warm water
  2.  Hydro dermabrasion handle – using H20 (click button on machine which will change it to water usage only) – this you will see the fresh water and waste from the back of the machine. 
  3. Hydro dermabrasion handle – using ‘A’ (don’t forget to press the blue button off – and move control to A in the centre of the machine. Please note this is where you can used product B if you are using for acne prone skin
  4. Skin Scrubber 
  5. Jet Spray – using Water or Meso product or you can bypass step 6 and add product ‘C’
  6. Hydro dermabrasion handle – using ‘C’
  7. Ultrasound cavitation
  8. Radio Frequency
  9. Toner
  10. Cool Hammer
  11. Moisturiser